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 Art Museum of Goiânia (MAG) was inaugurated on October 20, 1970. Created by Law No. 4188, August 28, 1969 is the first Municipal public museum of plastic arts of the Center-West region. The MAG is a public institution of a permanent nature, non-profit and at the service of society. Address: Rua 1, 605 – St. Oeste, Goiânia – GO, 74115-040, Brazil, Phone: +55 62 3524-1196 Website

Goiano Museum, The museum is installed in one of the buildings that compose the joint one architectonic state administrative of the Civic Plaza, in Goiânia. The first collections of the museum were formed from the showcase of the “Permanent Exposition of Goiânia”, exposition this that aggregated collections exhibited in the “I Exposition of Regional Products of the State of Goiás. Address: Goiania, State of Goias, Brazil  Website

Oscar Niemeyer Cultural Center An beautiful all the buildings are closed, so the place works like an huge track tor sports practicing, usually patins, skate and bicycle. Oscar Niemayer was the most important architecture of Brazil, and one of the most important in the world. Address: Avenida Deputado Jamel Cecílio, Lote 01, Quadra Gleba, 4490 – Setor Fazenda Gameleira, Goiânia – GO, 74884-801, Brazil, Phone: +55 62 3201-4932 Website

The Ludovico Museum is a unit of the Department of Education, Culture and Sport (Seduce), and it is presented in the architectural history of Goiânia, and especially in the memory of its construction and foundation, as a great landmark of modernity announced and a symbol of the rupture with colonial past of the old capital. Address: R. 25, 66 – St. Sul, Goiânia – GO, 74015-100, Brazil, Phone: +55 62 3201-4678 Website

Quail Alley is one of the largest in the Center of Goiânia and hosts various artistic and cultural activities, such as short films, photo essays, recording of music videos and having the largest open-air gallery. One of the highlights of Beco today is Upoint , the first gallery in Goiânia dedicated to urban art and that works on the weekends as a bar. Address: Av. Anhanguera, 5331 – St. Central, Goiânia – GO, 74040-010, Brazil

Memorial Museum of the Cerrado, a scientific complex that works in Campus II of PUC Goiás, is one of the projects of the Institute of the Sub-Tropical Tropic that represents the diverse forms of occupation of the biome and the models of relationship with nature and society. It is a museum that portrays from the origin of the planet Earth to the arrival of the Portuguese to Brazil. Address: Avenida Engler, s/n – Jardim Mariliza, Goiânia – GO, 74885-460, Brazil, Phone: +55 62 3946-1723 Website